Tiger Pak FF – Gasoline/Fuel Injection Plastic Packing

Tiger Pak FF

TIGER-PAK “FF” is a pliable, injection-gun type plastic bulk packing with a high
TFE content and a non-asbestos binder blended with a chemical and
solvent resistant synthetic oil and selected anti-extrusion fibers.
This matrix is formulated to energize split-box type V-packing gland
designs and forms a positive stem seal at pressures up to 30,000 psi.
The effective temperature range is from -20 deg. to 450 deg. F.

“FF” is the same formulation as Tiger Pak “F”, but with smaller
anti-extrusion particles for ease of injection through ball check
fittings primarily in wellhead applications.

Tiger Pak FF (MSDS)

Additional benefits are:

  1. It can be injected through a ball check fitting in the field to pack off or rejuvenate leaking stem packing glands.
  2. It
    can be furnished in selected strip sizes with a semi-solid TFE mixture
    applied on one side to impart and maintain low operating torques for
    gate valve stems.
  3. It contains anti-extrusion fibers that effectively bridge damaged seal leak paths.

TIGER-PAK “FF” is a special formulation for fuels. It is suitable
for application on regular and premium no lead gasoline, regular leaded
gasoline, diesel fuel (all grades), Jet A fuel, distillate petroleum
solvents, cyclohexane, oils, LPG. natural gas, dry hydrogen and MTBE.


  • Type: Plastic Bulk
  • Corrosion: None
  • Moisture Content: Nil
  • Metal Adhesion: Non-Coating
  • Grades Available: Stick, Strips
  • Color: Dark Green