Injectable Plastic Packing

Tiger Pak Wellhead

Tiger Pak Wellhead Injection Plastic Packing

Tiger Pak Wellhead is a pliable, injection-gun type plastic bulk packing with a high TFE content and a non-asbestos binder blended with a chemical and solvent resistant synthetic oil and selected anti-extrusion fibers. This matrix is formulated to energize wellhead gland designs and forms a positive seal. The effective temperature range is from -65 to 450 deg. F.

Additional benefits are:

  1. It can be injected through a ball check fitting in the field to pack off or rejuvenate leaking wellhead packing gland seals.
  2. It has a unique characteristic of “lubricity with tack”. This feature allows high metal adhesion under extreme pressures while imparting low operating torques. It contains anti-extrusion fibers that bridge damaged leak paths.
  3. Tiger Pak Wellhead is suitable for application on distillate petroleum solvents, crude oil, some fuels, natural gas, steam and aqueous solutions, glycols, water, vegetable oils, dilute acids, alkalies, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, and hydro-lubes.

For unleaded gasoline, MTBE, LPG and natural gas condensate service TigerPAK “F” or “FF” is recommended.


  • Color: Light Green
  • Type: Plastic Bulk
  • Corrosion: None
  • Moisture Content: Nil
  • Metal Adhesion Non-Coating
  • Grades Available: Stick, Strips

Tiger Pak with smaller anti-extrusion fillers for easier injection into wellheads.

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