Geothermal Packing – Reinforced & Injectable Graphite

LCP Packing: Development of Steel Reinforced Expanded Graphite Seals

Geothermal Packing Example 1

Developed to address one major weakness of expanded graphite – it is extremely
sensitive to shear – the packing design of LCP combines layers of
expanded graphite with layers of knitted wire mesh. The material is
then molded into endless rings, both vee shaped for pressure seals and
upper and lower adapters as needed. Other geometries can be molded as

The metal (usually 304/304L or 316/ 316L annealed stainless steel)
serves to reinforce the graphite, while the graphite cushions the
metal, letting the metal sink in at a fairly low stress level (this
lowers the chance of galling against stem movement). Graphite is inert
to almost all media except strong oxidizers such as nitric and sulfuric
acids. Choosing the proper mesh metal for the media to be sealed is

We can manufacture the seals using any annealed wire alloy which can
be knitted. To date, the LCP has been used against steam in both stem
sealing and wellhead packoff applications.

For more information on this expanded graphite seal solution, see the table below or contact the Jim Ray Company directly.

Geothermal Packing Example 2 Geothermal Packing Example 3

Overall Part Dimensions Wire Mesh Diameter: 0.004″ to 0.006″

  • Graphite being easily sheared is minimized
  • Steel reinforces the graphite
  • Graphite cushions the metal from movement and prevents galling

Stable at Extreme Temperatures (1,200°F In Steam)
Graphite is inert to almost all media
Material Used:

  • 304/304L Annealed Stainless Steel Mesh
  • 316/ 316L Annealed Stainless Steel Mesh

SG-630 – A graphite based injection packing made for steam service at 600+ Deg. F.

SG-630 - A graphite based injection packing, made for steam service at 600+ Deg. F. Example 1

SG-630 - A graphite based injection packing, made for steam service at 600+ Deg. F. Example 2

Ray SG-630 is a pliable, graphitic injection-gun type plastic bulk
packing with a high graphite content and a non-asbestos binder blended
with synthetic oils and selected fibers. This matrix is formulated to
energize split-box type V-packing and wellhead gland designs.The effective temperature range is from -65 to 600°F. SG-630 is a more plastic version of SG-600 packing.It
can be injected through a ball check fitting in the field to pack off
or rejuvenate leaking stem packing glands and geothermal wellheads.The
packing is formulated to greatly reduce the hardening in service often
encountered in geothermal injection packings. SG-630 is manufactured
using low friction ingredients, resulting in a lubricious and easily
injected product which will often lower valve torque requirements.Jim Ray SG-630 is formulated for geothermal and steam service. Testing is recommended for any other service.


TYPE Plastic Bulk, Gray/Black color

SHELF LIFE 10 years


FORMS AVAILABLE 3/8 x 1″ pills (100/jar)

1-1/2 x 7″ sticks (2/Box)

¼ x 1 x 4″ long strips